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Forget 1381 Eliquid and Candle together.

Candle 245 g. – Eliquid : 20ml


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We have created our candles to compliment our eliquid range. Try one flavour bundle for the full experience.

Forget 1381 Eliquid : Glorious Potion’s secret Apple Pie recipe.
Forget 1381 Candle : Bergamot, Vanilla & Tobacco.

Our 20ml Glorious Potions are nicotine free and supplied in 30ml glass dropper bottles. All our potions are very concentrated, saturated with flavours. We always provide a 10ml 70VG/30PG bottle that you can add to the bottle if you prefer the potion less concentrated. Alternatively you can add 10ml nicotine shot (18mg/ml) to have a 6mg Nicotine e-liquid (or 4ml out of the 10ml bottle for a 3mg e-liquid).

Candle care :
Allow your Glorious Potion candle to burn for at least 2 hours the first time you use it or until the entire surface of the candle melts.
Trim the wick to 1/4-inch (6mm) length before lighting to avoid black smoke marks.
After blowing your candle, re-centre the wick if needed.
Your 245g Glorious Potion candle may burn up to 60 hours.

Safety :

Do not leave your Glorious Potion candle unattended.
Keep away from children and pets. Keep away from curtains.
Always place your candle on a level, heat resistant, non-flammable surface.

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Weight 404 g

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