Similar passions and complementary talents have brought us together with a goal to create the best products possible. We share common values : always learning, working hard, being adventurous and honest. These are also Glorious Potion values now, and forever.

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We will never choose the lazy path. We want cutting edge products, in taste and design. That requires a lot of work, testing and learning. We want loyal customers who will be excited to try all our products, current and to come. Glorious Potion will always mean quality and will always be unique. We are proud to produce our potions, we want you to be proud to use them.


We’re in two exciting industries

Vaping is a new, modern and buzzing business with great developments to come. Despite current Legislation torn between helping and obstructing, we are convinced time will prove how beneficial vaping is to the world. We want to participate to the revolution, not as a giant brand but as a brand of excellence.

Candles, especially luxury candles, continue to grow and are more popular than ever. Candles quality is getting better, old traditions are assisted by modern techniques. We have created candles for years and are excited to enable others to try them out. A basic summary of how to create a candle will make sound it easy, but the devil is in the details…

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