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We’re very excited to officially launch Glorious Potion ! As any venture, it took much more time and work than anticipated but here we are, ready and happy. We have had great response with all initial contacts and testers. We are passionate by every single aspect of our brands : the products themselves in priority of course, but also the look and the quality of the “containers”. Our goal is to create products you will love to use but also keep, collect. Be excited to buy a good and beautiful object. Products with a soul. Because each product goes through a hell lot of work and testing, we initially release 4 eliquids and 4 candles but we have a lot of projects in mind. Extend our standard range and create limited editions. We will also – when we find the time – create more quality accessories to show more sides of what Glorious Potion is. Please follow us on our social media where we can go beyond the eliquid & candle universe and share everything we like.

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